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Have you ever noticed that some clients can't seem to move towards the goals that they set? That no matter what you do, the coaching relationship never seems to get any "traction"? Your success as a coach is dependent on your clients' ability to set goals. If the client sets a goal that is not in alignment with his or her purpose, your coaching will go nowhere!

Coaching clients who know their purpose is an exciting, fulfilling experience. Life Purpose is the latest thing in coaching, and you need to be part of this developing field of human potential. Clients who know their purpose are more:

  • Invested in the coaching relationship
  • Committed to their goals
  • Excited and passionate
  • Aware that they need help along their journey

  • Tim shares his methods for finding life's purpose with properly qualified coaches. The first method, Purpose Hunting™, takes only a few hours of training to learn. It works with nearly every client who has life experience. Once you have mastered this method, you can train to administer more advanced methods to your clients.

    Completing the entire course of training results in qualification as a Certified True Purpose Coach™. These advanced techniques will enable you to connect deeply with your clients and consistently learn the explicit details of their life's purpose. Subscribers to the coaching newsletter are automatically notified of upcoming trainings.

    While you are learning these techniques, you will also be refining your own understanding of your purpose. Coaches who know their purpose do a better job of identifying their target market and the unique service that they offer. Don't let yourself sound like thousands of other coaches out there! You have a unique gift to bring to your clients. Make sure that you know what it is, and that your potential clients know, too.

    Read Tim's article on life purpose and goal setting in Choice, the Magazine of Professional Coaching [PDF]
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    Listen to Tim's appearance on The Coaching Show
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    What coaches are saying about Tim's training courses:

    "Tim's unique methods create powerful insights and breakthroughs. Tim has taught his methods at Dream Coach® University for years, and he profoundly impacts and deepens every coach in the program."

    -- Marcia Wieder
    Founder, Dream Coach Certification Program

    "Tim Kelley's training has given me an invaluable tool for making my clients' dreams come true. I have found that life goals that are "on purpose" are reached much more quickly and easily. My clients get the results they are looking for, making me a more effective and successful coach. In my own life, finding my purpose with Tim has given me clear direction for reaching my own goals. I am fulfilled and excited, knowing that my career path is "on purpose" for me. As a result, my client base has tripled and referrals are flowing in."

    -- Caroll Roberson, CDC

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