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Join the Global Change Team!

We’re very excited that you would like to learn more about being a successful change agent! The world is changing, and it will change better and faster if you participate. As part of our efforts to change the world, we are called to educate and inspire you to learn what it would be like to live your purpose and fulfill your role in this great project.

In the weeks and months ahead, we will offer you many free resources to help you learn about bringing your purpose and passion to the forefront of your life. There is a lot of information and many techniques that will help you to decide whether this is the right path for you. In order to participate, though, you need to indicate your interest by filling in the fields on the right and clicking the “Register” button. (We have a policy of only sharing our wisdom and transformation with volunteers!)

Here are just a few of the exciting things coming soon:

Seven-day Purpose Challenge – You will have a week to use our exciting True Purpose Interactive program to access higher wisdom and learn what you are called to do in this life. (Like the rest of these resources, this is completely free!) Note: the challenge has already begun, but access to the online program will be available until Saturday, August 11.

Free Teleclass on Finding Your Purpose – Global change agent Tom Rausch will walk you through the process of finding your higher purpose and answer your questions.

Videos about Being a Change Agent – There will be three videos by some of our most successful change agents, explaining our perspective on what it takes to make changing the world your day job.

Monthly Calls for Change Agents – There’s so much to teach you about being an effective agent of change, we will begin holding monthly community calls for you. These will be partly interactive, partly educational, and occasionally we will want your input on important decisions.

This is an extraordinary journey, a path that changes us as we walk it. We invite you to walk it with us! One of the greatest things about being on a path is doing it in community. Learn what it means to be called, and to answer that call! You’re still reading this, so we believe you are one of us. Are we right? Simply fill out the fields on the form above to participate. If you provide a phone number, you will receive a reminder call before our teleclass on August 1 only. (We don’t make unsolicited marketing calls. We hate them, too!)

Tim Kelley
on behalf of the True Purpose Community




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